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What You Need To Know

When applying for a position at SIG, the first thing you are asked to do is to fill out the online application form. Here you provide your basic details and you can upload your CV and cover letter. This is your first chance to distinguish yourself by writing a proper CV and Cover Letter mentioning the key values of SIG.

Getting software right 
is what drives each and every one of us. Our culture and Values encompass all required to achieve this in a sophisticated and ethical manner. Our Core Values and culture are the foundation of our Code of Conduct and Business. Our Culture is the framework that allows our Values to thrive: Truth, Trust, Passion and Impact form the basis of our Culture. 

If we see a good fit with you and the position, we invite you for a first interview, usually conducted by HR. In this interview, we will assess your skills and capabilities. Before this, you are typically asked to complete the Predictive Index Behavioural assessment (PI) and a Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) test.

Following the first interview, you will usually get an invite for a second interview with the hiring manager. The hiring manager will make the decision for hiring you. In this interview, you are assessed more specific for qualities related to the position.

If you’re chosen for the position you applied for, SIG will keep your assessment and test results, which will support your on boarding and future development within the company. If you’re not chosen we will delete your data and assessment results, no later than 90 days after you have applied.

The PI Behavioural Assessment (PI) identifies and categorizes workplace motivating drives to provide deep insights into the behaviours and motivations of colleagues and future employees.

Should you feel none of these positions match your interests or your experience, please send your cv and motivation letter to 


  • Friday level-ups with beer & wine
  • Company band
  • Regular sailing and sport outings
  • Fresh fruit
  • Lots of laughs
  • Laptop & Phone

Thank you for showing interest in us.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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Jo-Ann Vis
VP Human Resources
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Irene Badu
Sr Recruitment Partner

About Us

Who we are:

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SIG is a tool-based software analysis and consulting firm that advises clients on software Quality. Software Risk and Software Economics. We provide management with a fact-based insight into their current IT situation, along with pragmatic and actionable recommendations on how to improve that situation. We know to refactor code, govern software projects effectively, use modern tooling and development platforms, apply software metrics, and how to control cost. We perform both in-depth technical analysis and management level financial analysis and consolidate the two. Our research team advances the state of the art in software research.   

And we’re just getting started.

SIG’S Key Values:

Our Core Values

SIG provides independent, fact based and impartial advice. Honesty, Sincerity and Clarity are important guides. We start a project by analysing and understanding the actual intention of the customer. As a value partner we do not believe in one single version of the truth but in the value of our findings. Knowledge of the context of a system is important to assess its true value. 

We are always looking for certitude. Reliability, integrity and loyalty help us to achieve this. Our ambition of Getting software right asks for trust. Trust in each other to be able to deliver the best possible results. Our customers need to be able to trust in the independence and reliability of SIG. Trust in humankind is the basis of success. Trust grows with certitude. That is why we want to measure and test our assessments and analysis in order to ensure true customer value.

Craftsmanship, fun, persistence, drive and inspiration are the foundation of our passion. Getting software right is our passion, allowing us to improve software for organisations. 

We do not complete our assignment until we know we have made an impact at the customer. Concrete, interactive, customer oriented and tangible. We concentrate on the facts, concrete and measurable results. We believe there is always a right and that this is dependent of the context. We take ownership and are the valued partner making the customer successful. 

Where to find us

SIG German Office

An der Welle 4
60322 Frankfurt am Main

SIG Belgian Office

Fosbury & Sons
Mechelsesteenweg 271 Bus 1.1
2018 Antwerp

SIG Nordic Office

Bredgade 30
1260 København K


Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands