MSc Research Internship

Job description

As a MSc Research Intern you are embedded within one of the teams at SIG. Which team exactly depends on your topic of interest; ranging from development, consulting, basic research, or a combination. Your team cares about your topic and can guide you on the relevance and applicability of your work. You are also supervised by a member of SIG’s Research team, who will stay in contact with the academic supervisor from your educational program.

During the internship, we expect you to reach the following two goals:

  • Grow and learn! Find out everything there is to know about your topic. Relate what you learn to applications in the software industry, in particular at SIG. Learn to observe scientific standards in your work, and learn how to communicate your results.
  • Graduate! We support you in meeting the requirements of your educational (master) program, for instance by focusing the supervision on research design, literature search, and thesis writing.


You are in the graduation phase of a Master program Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Information Science, or similar.

  • Strong motivation for doing research in an applied environment.
  • Able to communicate well in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Strong analytical skills and academic abilities to become an expert in your topic.
  • Programming and data analysis skills are needed for most topics.