Technical Software Consultant NYC

Job description

Who we are & How we work

As a Technical Software Consultant at the Software Improvement Group you will advise technology leaders on how to improve quality, reduce risks and control costs of their business-critical software systems. You will accomplish this by tool-assisted source code investigation and proven risk and cost analysis methodologies. You will work on a project-basis (often 3 to 6 weeks) together with a team of technology specialists headed by a senior or principal consultant. 

Whether you perform an IT due diligence for the largest banks in the world, execute a risk assessment on a crucial piece of tech in the energy sector or recommend much needed changes in a core transaction platform for a government agency, one thing is sure – you will interact with senior technology leaders of enterprises involved in large-scale business activities, and dive deep into the systems that support their business.


Where you come in

As a core member of our North American consultancy team, you will be responsible of performing the technical analysis on the source code of the software under review. Your role is to get a good understanding of the system in a short period of time, and validate your findings and hypotheses with the development teams – ultimately drawing conclusion and identifying risks and improvement areas.

Typically, your work will consist of:

  • Conducting strategic interviews with senior clients to understand their needs context of a project
  • Conducting technical interviews with lead architects and lead developers to understand code, documentation and the architecture of their software system(s)
  • Analyzing and collecting technical findings that pose possible risks to the client's business plans
  • Presenting and validating the results of the software analysis with the lead architects and lead developers
  • Formulating recommendations to the client with your project team, that are backed by the findings you collected

You will receive rigorous training in the SIG proprietary toolset and our methodologies in assessing software quality. We will help you achieve your goals through continuous professional development and regular career progression sessions. Supporting you will be a highly skilled, multicultural team of likeminded professionals with whom you will collaborate on projects around the globe.


 What's in it for you?

  • You will receive rigorous training in management consulting and software strategy – by very experienced colleagues
  • Access to senior management at world-class clients from day one
  • Knowledge-sharing is key at SIG – we hold weekly level-up sessions and trainings to further grow your technical and industry knowledge where you can also share your own knowledge and unique experiences
  • Learn from an abundance of data accumulated over 20 years of software analysis – our benchmark contains results from over 5,000 enterprise software systems written in over 250 different programming languages and is over 40 billion lines of code in size
  • Your colleagues will be a fun, young and exceptionally well-educated group of people from around the world
  • Opportunities for travel are abundant - you will speak with IT professionals locally, nationally, and (at times) globally
  • Work schedules are flexible and many people successfully plan around their young families

We offer you a unique opportunity to join us on the forefront of creating a healthier digital world. At SIG, you will make a difference for some of the largest organizations and critical software systems that have become vital in our lives. If you too believe that it is essential to do something about how software is engineered – to get it under control and to prevent serious incidents – then you can be at the heart of progress at SIG.

You will come face to face with a multitude of different development technologies to analyze, ranging from legacy technologies to 4GLs to modern web frameworks and business process modelling technologies – from “start-up” to “the old guard” – all supported by our analysis tools and unique methodologies. You will get firsthand experience evaluating the design decisions and processes software teams utilize across the industry, collaborating with and challenging them to improve.

We offer a job with much variety, continuous learning opportunities and access to unique knowledge. We have close academic relations with prestigious universities, and 80% of our employees have a master’s degree and 20% have a PhD in technical fields. Our organization structure is flat and flexible, providing much room for your own initiatives and ideas.


  • A completed bachelor’s degree in a technical subject
  • 3+ years professional experience in software development
  • Understanding of software quality requirements and the concept of “technical debt” and associated risks.
  • Highly analytical with the ability to interpret and simplify large collections of data
  • Drive to give advice that will be listened to and acted upon
  • Creative and convincing, with a passion for improving the quality of software systems
  • A writer of concise documents
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Experience with software architectural design and planning
  • Experience with project management is a plus
  • A master’s degree is a plus