Junior Consultant Belgium

Job description

This is an excellent role for a starter! Have you finished your Masters or MBA in the field of computer science or related and are ready to start a career as a consultant, SIG is the right employer for you!



Where you come in

  • Perform research and analyse customer data.
  • Discuss recommendations and technical analysis of client’s software systems and processes with the (senior) consultant in charge of the project.
  • Use deep technical knowledge to issue advice to (IT) management.
  • Indepth analysis of a large variety of software systems using our in-house developed software analysis tool.
  • Further develop and enhance our automated source code analysis software and presentation tools (Java, Angular.JS and HTML) on a project basis.
  • Prepare all types of presentations and reports.

What's in it for you?

We offer a versatile and challenging job opportunity in an international work environment. We have a flat organisational structure with room for entrepreneurship, initiative and creativity. Our benefits are competitive. Our company is growing fast and internationally, which will give you the unique possibility to create and work with an international talent pool. 

You will receive rigorous training in the SIG proprietary toolset and methodologies. We will help you achieve your goals through continuous professional development and regular career progression sessions.

We are not interested in people who are just looking for a job. We are interested in people who want to change the world of software! SIG has big dreams in making information technology successful.



  • A completed master degree in Computer Sciences, Informatica or related field
  • Technical IT knowledge
  • Analytical and able to simplify large collections of data
  • Drive to give advice that will be listened to and acted upon
  • A writer of concise documents
  • Creative and convincing
  • Experience with software development