B2B growth marketeer / validation expert

Job description

Job description  

Who we are

SIG is a global technology and consultancy firm delivering independent software quality assurance solutions with a service. We believe we can make the world a better place by helping developers and their organizations create better software. As part of our ambitious growth strategy, our marketing department is looking for a B2B growth marketer with a strong focus on customer feedback to get the right priorities for our proposition roadmap.

Where you come in

The Agile Proposition Team is a newly developed cross-functional team responsible for research, development and deliverables of end-to-end propositions of the Software Improvement Group. Hence SIG operates in a market with many unknowns, we use agile methodologies to create value for our customers and prospects. As a B2B growth marketeer, you use the principles of design thinking and lean start-up to research, test and learn from persona-based research.

We work on a persona like Enterprise Architects, CIOs, POs and developers to make their lives more effective and efficient. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to gain insights and make decisions. We want to fail fast to explore our growth potential. While this way of working is relatively new to SIG, you will be leading and facilitating other colleagues to collaborate on new propositions. You’ll be part of our Amsterdam-based team servicing partners globally.

How we work

With you as a validation expert, the APD team will consist of 6 talented professionals across all disciplines within SIG. You are fully allocated to this team, while others are part-time allocated. You will work closely with UX, sales, application development, consultancy, product management, the SIG academy, customer success and service management.

Of course, you are passionate about developing propositions and services that make a difference for customers and SIG alike. You are customer-obsessed and have an analytical and data-driven mindset that needs evidence and proof, you are a creative thinker and hands-on problem solver who develops valid experiments: the characteristics that make you an excellent experiment lead. In addition, you must recognize yourself in the checklist below:

  • Gather and analyze data to validate value early-stage propositions and turn assumptions into assets for evidence-based decisions, amongst others by setting up and managing key validation metrics and reporting key learnings
  • Organize fact-based feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, to set the right priorities to improve on
  • Evaluate and select the digital channels and platforms for our key persona
  • Producing, and validating content on MVPs and full end-to-end propositions
  • Translate proposition insights and learning into G2Market deliverables for sales and marketing
  • Guide other team members to work according to Agile and lean start-up principles
  • Setting up customer research as a vehicle to inform thinking and discover problems worth solving, create personas and customer journeys
  • Be up to date about the latest innovation trends and techniques like design thinking and lean startup and translate these into actionable learnings for SIG

What's in it for you?

You will receive an intensive onboarding program on SIG’s proposition and customer insights. We will help you achieve your goals through continuous professional development and regular career progression sessions.

We are not interested in people who are looking for just a job. We are interested in people who are looking to change the world and believe this can be done through empathizing with our personas and living by their insights and needs!

Although there are many unknowns in this new market, we like to learn fast, and we expect you to have the same.



You have at least 4 years of relevant work experience including:

  • Proven track record working with innovation metrics and validation methodologies in early staged propositions, online and offline
  • Understand and deliver the user experience our customers expect, own the jobs to be done and understand the problem and needs thoroughly
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative insights to determine market needs and opportunities
  • Have a track record in customer development: deeply understand the (experience) needs and behaviour of our customers and apply professional interview and research techniques
  • Setting up a hypothesis test to test digital content to make significant steps on increased awareness and conversion to appointments, preferably in a B2B environment
  • Both quantitative and qualitative research methods; user interviews, surveys, prototyping user flows, experiment design, conversion optimization, rapid MVP building and, usability testing etc.;
  • Acquisition channels/tools; LinkedIn, Salesforce, Slack, GoogleAds, SEO, SEA, referrals. – from setting up to analyzing data;
  • Tracking and (content) analytics: measurement plans, event tracking, GA dashboards;
  • General understanding of growth metrics and tools.
  • Facilitation of Google Sprint and/or Design thinking process.
  • Experience in innovation methodologies and principles like a lean startup. You know how to apply and integrate lean startup principles within the team(s) you collaborate with
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills, proven ability to measure and analyze data
  • Experience in working with Scrum in an agile team
  • Understanding and speaking both the Dutch and English languages are a must-have
  • Residency in the Netherlands is a must

General Innovation skills are preferred in this position as well as:

  • Experience with SAAS propositions, preferably in the B2B market
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team focused on the end-to-end proposition (both on the buyer journey and the user journey)
  • Working as a Scrum master